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Anorexics Weigh In on ‘Thinspo’ Internet Sites

Thinspo Internet sites that glorify extreme thinness are increasing.



Thinspo –short for “thinspiration” – is a common term used to tag images and ideas posted on social media sites meant to encourage women to stay thin or become even thinner.

Women of all shapes and sizes visit thinspo blogs, post thinspired messages and tweet out related images daily. They use thinspro as a motivational tool, much the same as tacking inspirational notes and photos onto a refrigerator or mirror….. Click here to read more.

Stomach-Pumping Machine Makes Calories Disappear

PHOTO: The AspireAssist stomach pump sucks food out of the user's belly before the body can fully digest it.Called the AspireAssist device, it works by sucking the food right out of the stomach so that only about a third of the calories are absorbed by the body.



A group of inventors, who include the creator of the Segway, has come up with a gadget that lets people eat pretty much what they want and forget about the calories. Sound too good to be true? Read On!

Meet Facebook’s Oldest User — She’s 105!

Centenarian Facebook User Adds a Few Wrinkles to Site.




At age 105, Edythe Kirchmaier is Facebook’s oldest registered user. Kirchmaier, who is also California’s oldest licensed driver and the University of Chicago’s oldest living former student, joined Facebook last month. Direct Relief, a medical aid charity where she’s volunteered for 40 years, set up the account in honor of her 105th birthday…. Read On!


Roadkill — It’s What’s For Dinner

Montana bill would legalize roadkill dining.




By passing a bill last week that allows motorists to eat their roadkill, the Montana House of Representatives may be on their way to legalizing the ultimate drive-through experience.

State Rep. Steve Lavin originally introduced the bill into Montana’s House to allow “game animals, fur-bearing animals, migratory game birds and upland game birds” who have been killed by a car to be harvested for food…. click here to read more.

Hallmark Greeting Cards for the ‘Final Goodbye’


Healthcare activist Regina Holliday is  lobbying Hallmark, the world’s largest distributor of greeting cards, to offer a line hospice cards.



During the two months that Regina Holliday’s husband, Fred, was hospitalized with cancer, he received a tower of “Get Well Soon” cards, each a reminder of the friends and family who cared about him. But when all hope for recovery was gone and he entered hospice care, the cards stopped coming. Click here to read more.

Stigma Against Fat People the Last Acceptable Prejudice

Kenlie Tiggeman from New Orleans is suing Southwest Airlines for “discriminatory actions” after a gate agent told her she was “too fat to fly.”


At a time when obesity is seen as a serious public health threat, research has found a growing prejudice against fat people.

Last week, the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University published a study suggesting that male jurors didn’t administer blind justice when it came to plus-size female defendants…. to read more click here.

Heat Sensing Bra May Detect Cancer

ht first warning systems bra ll 121018 wblog Is a New Heat Sensing Bra the Breast Medicine?The makers of the First Warning Systems bra claim it can detect cancer in its earliest stages by continually monitoring the breasts for temperature changes associated with growing tumors.


I’m usually satisfied when my bra gives me a little extra lift.  Now there’s one that not only lifts, it separates — the healthy breast tissue from the unhealthy breast tissue, that is. Read the rest of the story here>>


Truckers Get Healthy for the Long Haul

PHOTO: Bob Perry, Trucker Trainer and Rolling Strong Founderrolls a tire 63 miles in support of driver health and wellness.Initiatives aimed at keeping truckers healthy while on the road.



John Drury is a rare breed. At 6-foot-7 and 340 pounds he is a trucker who is also a dance fitness instructor. He cares a great deal about his health, but admits it’s tough to keep in shape when you’re behind the wheel 11 hours a day, often for weeks at a time… Read the rest of the story here>>


Spa Cosmetic Procedures Can Be Risky

PHOTO:  Isabel Gonzalez remains in the hospital after receiving facial rejuvenation treatments from an unlicensed spa owner.Cosmetic procedures are now so mainstream there’s a misperception that it’s like getting your hair done.




A Florida woman’s quest for more youthful skin turned deadly this past July when her face became dangerously swollen after she received vitamin injections at a day spa. Read the rest of the article here>>


FDA Says Generic Wellbutrin Not As Effective

In an unusual move, the FDA asks for voluntary recall of popular generic antidepressant.


The FDA’s reversal earlier this week of its approval of a generic equivalent of the popular antidepressant Wellbutrin XL 300 ends a five-year saga that began with consumer complaints and a crusade by Joe Graedon, the cofounder of the consumer advocacy group the People’s Pharmacy.

 Read the rest of this article here »