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The Winner’s Brain
Contrary to popular belief, winning in life has little to do with IQ, your circumstances, your financials resources, or even luck. But it has everything to do with creating a failure-resistant brain. Every time you think a thought, feel an emotion, or execute a behavior, your neurocircuitry changes, and the good news is you can take charge of this process. Yes, the key to success really is all in your head. To order:

Fitness for Dummies
The original Fitness for Dummies, published in 1996, was a real breakthrough: a book that took a reader through all the fitness basics without being offputtingly complicated or insultingly simplistic. This second edition only improves on that tough balancing act. The authors are two of the most experienced fitness writers in the business–Suzanne Schlosberg is a longtime contributor to Shape and Liz Neporent is a veteran personal trainer, corporate fitness consultant, and contributor to Shape and The New York Times. In addition to being experienced at explaining exercise, they’re both exercise junkies, and their firsthand knowledge and love of the topic is evident throughout. To order:

Weight Training for Dummies
Owning Weight Training for Dummies is like having two knowledgeable and entertaining personal trainers into your home. The authors, Liz Neporent and Suzanne Schlosberg, authors of the popular Fitness for Dummies, are both fitness professionals who walk (lift, run, bicycle) their talk. They explain the basics of weight training simply, then take you through every step to setting up your own program and doing it properly. Whether you have free weights (dumbbells and barbells), a home machine, or access to a gym with many machines, you’ll get an introduction to safe and effective weight training, plus descriptions, technique, and illustrations of dozens of exercises designed to target all major muscle groups. And just in case this is the only fitness book you buy, the authors include some information on cardio exercise, stretching, and other exercise options. Best of all, the book is motivating, easy to understand, and fun to read. To order:

The Fat Free Truth
Is it true? That’s the question that probably comes to mind every time you read or hear a claim about a new diet plan, metabolism-boosting pill, exercise device or workout regimen. You wonder: Has the Atkins diet really been vindicated by scientific research? Will Pilates give you “long, lean muscles – no bulk,” like some of the Web sites promise? If you pack on three pounds of muscle, will you actually burn an extra 10,000 calories a month? To order:


Change Your Gambling, Change Your Life

(Author experts Howard Shaffer, Ph.D., Ryan Martin, Ph.D. and John Kleschinsky, Ph.D.) A landmark new book which explains how gambling problems are related to other underlying issues: such as anxiety, mood fluctuation, difficulty with impulse control, and substance abuse problems. Dr. Shaffer offers a series of self-tests to help evaluate the degree of gambling problem and analyze the psychological and social context of the behavior, with specific strategies and approaches for ending the problems with simple tools that anyone can do. With candor and expert advice, Change Your Gambling, Change Your Life provides proven techniques for controlling the urge to gamble. To Advance Order:

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Boost Your Brain Power!: You Can Improve and Energize Your Brain at Any Age
                                                                   Who doesn’t want to be smarter, think faster, have a better memory? This book, combining inspirational Chicken Soup for the Soul stories written just for this book and accessible leading-edge medical information from Harvard Medical School neurologist and instructor Dr. Marie Pasinski (with Liz Neporent), will motivate readers to get more out of their gray matter! To order: 

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Say Goodbye to Stress: Manage Your Problems, Big and Small, Every Day

Everyone feels stressed out at some point in their lives. Many have trouble getting their stress under control and want help. This book, combining inspirational Chicken Soup for the Soul stories written just for this book and accessible leading-edge medical advice from expert clinical psychologist and Harvard Medical School instructor Dr. Jeffrey Brown (with Liz Neporent), will encourage, support, and help stressed out readers. To order:

The Migraine Solution: A Complete Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment, and Pain Management
Learn how to treat your migraines safely—and regain    control of your life. Written by the experts at Harvard Medical School (with Liz Neporent.) To order:

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