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Bands on the Run – Checking Out Activity Trackers

Just when you think the fitness tracker trend is slowing down, a new one hits the market.


It’s likely that these personal activity tracking devices continue to do well because they make you constantly aware of how much you move during the day—or how much you don’t, which in many ways is the more telling health statistic. They coach, motivate and nag you a bit to ensure you’re taking steps, burning calories and even getting enough sleep. So which one is right for you? Read on!



Pounds Lost — But Not Forgotten

Even after dramatically slimming down, some people find it hard to shed the psychological weight of having been heavy.


TV producer Jennifer Rumple was chatting with a friend recently. When the conversation went on longer than expected, she decided to grab a seat. As she zeroed-in on a chair with side arms, she balked….

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The Science of Yoga

Here are eight common beliefs about yoga and the study-backed verdicts on which ones are true and which are false.

 Yoga has been touted as a cure-all, promising a slimmer, leaner body, improved cardiovascular health and a hotter sex life. But are popular claims about yoga’s endless benefits stretching the truth?

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7 High Intensity Workouts

Feel the Burn with these seven High-Intensity Exercise programs.

 Conceived in the nineties by a Japanese exercise scientist as a way to condition elite speed skaters, the Tabata protocol is the granddaddy of all high voltage workouts…

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Can a DNA Test Help You Find the Right Diet?

Most diet programs take a one-size-fits-all approach. Considering that nearly 70 percent of Americans are overweight or obese, that size is often extra-large….

 So we wondered if taking a more personalized approach to weight loss by trying Inherent Health’s new Weight Management Genetic Test might be the ticket. The test involves swabbing the inside of your cheek in exactly the same way you’ve seen it done hundreds of times to suspects on Law & Order and CSI. Read the rest of this article here »

Trend Alert: Yoga Socks

Yoga Socks keep your feet from sliding, no mat neededThere’s an interesting movement afoot in yoga classes these days. Suddenly, after 2000 years of practice, there are fewer naked feet as more yogis slip on socks, booties or slippers for their sun salutations…


The latest yoga-specific footwear has sticky dots or strips along the soles to mimic the secure footing you get when you step onto a yoga mat… Read the rest of this article here »

New At-Home Workouts

 Don’t worry if you can’t get to the gym. Turn any of your electronic devices into a calorie burning machine with one of this season’s new video fitness packages, Here’s the lowdown on three we tried…



If you’re a fan of Jillian Michaels but could use a break from all the barking and the tough love….Read the rest of this article here »

Arsenic in Our Food Supply: Rice. Juice. Where Else?

You’ve probably heard the alarming news of arsenic being found in apple juice. Here, we dive into the issue to see where it’s coming from.

Arsenic, the go-to poison of old-timey murderous spouses and hitmen, is suddenly all around us…. Read the rest of this article here »

The Gut-busting Effects of Environmental Pollutants

Overeating and low activity levels are the main culprits of obesity and diabetes, but environmental pollutants sure aren’t helping.

Living an overindulgent, couch potato existence certainly isn’t doing your waistline any favors but there may be other influences that are making you fat.                                                                                                                                                    Read the rest of this article here »