High Intensity Workouts Carry Risks, Rewards

Written by on August 8, 2013, for ABC News

Web entrepreneur Matt Lombardi said he just wanted to get into shape — but it took only one session of the popular P90X workout series to send the 29-year-old to the hospital with rhabdomyolysis.


“I was so sore I couldn’t lift my arms and then I noticed my pee was the color of cola,” Lombardi recalled. “After Googling P90X and my symptoms, I immediately made an appointment with a kidney specialist.”

Fortunately, after a five-day hospital stay… –> Read More

Chipotle Goes Vegan

Written by on August 8, 2013, for ABC News

Adios meat. Hola tofu.

On Monday, Chipotle Mexican Grill introduced Sofritas, the first vegan meal offered by a national fast food chain that’s not a salad or a veggie burger.
The spicy, shredded, organic tofu dish sells for around $6.50 and can be mixed with rice and beans in a bowl, taco or burrito wrap. It first appeared on the menu at Chipotle’s seven San Francisco locations in January. It’s now available in Oregon, Washington State and Vancouver, British Columbia… –>Read More

Surgeon Accused Of Fake Surgeries

Written by on August 8, 2013, for ABC News

Constance Nenni died after having a “phantom” knee surgery, according to a legal complaint filed against her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Spyros Panos.


In March 2010, Nenni underwent surgery to repair a left knee that had grown arthritic from 76 years of wear and tear, her daughter Debra Nenni McNamee said. She died less than 24 hours after having surgery.

McNamee said she recalled Panos explaining the procedure as “a simple in and out.” He asked her mother sign a consent form to have a scope with a camera surgically inserted in her knee and to remove any dead or damaged tissue he found. Then, McNamee said she sat for two hours in the waiting room of the Hudson Valley Center at Saint Francis Hospital … –> Read More

Mandela’s Illness Puts Palliative Care In The Spotlight

Written by on August 8, 2013, for ABC News

Ailing human rights icon Nelson Mandela’s ill health and repeated hospital stays have put the spotlight on palliative care, a growing branch of medicine that provides
“Mandela is clearly an important public figure and his high-profile case helps raise awareness of palliative care,” said Dr. Sean Morrison, director of palliative care at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York City.seriously ill patients with relief from the symptoms, pain and the stress of sickness.

Palliative care specialists, including doctors, nurses, social workers and other health care providers, work together to improve quality of life for patients and their families, Morrison said. Most palliative care physicians are internists or practice family medicine with an additional subspecialty and board certification in palliative medicine. –>Read More

Parents Sue Petting Zoo Over Son’s Death

Written by on August 8, 2013, for ABC News

A 2-year-old boy died from an E. coli bacterial infection that he, along with 106 other people, caught after visiting a petting zoo at a county fair, a lawsuit claims.

Hunter “Gage” LeFevers died last October, nearly two weeks after visiting the petting zoo at the Cleveland County Fair in North Carolina, which was owned and operated by the Tennessee-based Circle G Ranch: Wild Animal Park, and Camel Safari.

According to court documents, the boy pet several animals and touched straw bedding while in the petting zoo and later touched the ground and other surfaces that were contaminated with E. coli 0157:H7… –>Read More

Melissa Etheridge ‘Jolie’ Comments Out Of Line

Written by on August 8, 2013, for ABC News

Singer and breast cancer survivor Melissa Etheridge is standing by her comments that actress Angelia Jolie was “fearful” and not “brave” for undergoing a double mastectomy to avoid breast cancer.

Last week, Etheridge told the Washington Blade that Jolie “made the most fearful choice you can make when confronting anything with cancer.

“I don’t have any opinion of what she ‘should have’ done. All are free to choose. I only objected to the term ‘brave’ description,” Etheridge said in a statement to ABC News. –> Read More

Woman Builds Awesome Prosthetic Lego Leg

Written by on August 8, 2013, for ABC News

Christina Stephens really puts the leg in Lego.

Last year, her foot was amputated after it was crushed under a car she was rebuilding. Stephens took it in stride by fashioning a prosthesis  out of some old Lego blocks she had lying around her basement.

Stephens, an occupational therapist and clinical researcher, said she decided to build the toy leg after a co-worker jokingly proposed the idea. While others would have laughed off the suggestion, Stephens said, “Challenge accepted. –> Read More

7 Surprising Effects of Obesity

Written by on August 8, 2013, for ABC News

With more than 36 percent of Americans now wedging themselves into the obese category, all that extra girth is effecting their lives in many different ways.




Read on to learn about seven ways carrying those extra pounds may be influencing the way you live…. –>read more.

Booty Shaping Workouts

Written by on August 6, 2013, for General

Lots of women aren’t satisfied with their rearview, but not everyone has the same complaint.

That’s because booties come in all shapes and sizes. You’ve got to hit up your backside with the right kind of move to get the results you want.

We asked top fitness pros for their best butt makeover moves to lift and tone six common butt shapes… –> Read More

6 Secrets to Exercising With RA

Written by on August 4, 2013, for Health Monitor

The key to achieving your workout goals—and better pain relief—may be simpler than you think. Just believe in yourself, say researchers, who published a study on the subject in Arthritis Care & Research.



To boost your confidence, set realistic exercise goals if you have rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

“The clearer you can be about your objectives, the better chance you’ll have of reaching them,” says Eric Matteson, MD, chief of rheumatology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Here, six ways to set yourself up for success. –> Read More