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The Gut-busting Effects of Environmental Pollutants

Overeating and low activity levels are the main culprits of obesity and diabetes, but environmental pollutants sure aren’t helping.

Living an overindulgent, couch potato existence certainly isn’t doing your waistline any favors but there may be other influences that are making you fat.                                                                                                                                                    Read the rest of this article here »

Weight Training Good for Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast cancer survivors get ready for a game changer. Instead of sitting on the sidelines and avoiding physical activity for fear of aggravating the arm swelling experienced by up to 70 percent of surgery patients, experts are now recommending you pump iron.

For decades, breast cancer patients undergoing treatment have been warned away from lifting anything heavier than a small bag of groceries. The thought was overexertion might cause lymphedema, a painful, arm-swelling condition that’s a common side effect of surgery.

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