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Is Fitspo Motivational or a Dangerous Obsession?

abs-bellyWomen have suffered from self-esteem issues since the dawn of time. Now thanks to social media, self-loathing is just a few clicks away.



Thinspo–short for thinspiration–is a term used to describe images and ideas posted on social media sites that are supposed to inspire women to lose weight, but all too often fuel eating disordered-behavior and the pursuit of skeletal thinness. Read the rest of the story here>>

When Did “Fat” Become A Four Letter Word?

jennifer-livingston-obesity-anchorInstead of picking on someone who struggles to shed their unwanted pounds, why not support them in their efforts?




This week, a viewer wrote to Jennifer Livingston, a local Wisconsin news anchor, to scold her about her weight. “Obesity is one of the worst choices a person can make and and one of the most dangerous habits to maintain,” he told her. “I leave you this note hoping that you’ll reconsider your responsibility as a local public personality to present and promote a healthy lifestyle.” Read the rest of the article here>>

Will Easing Bike Helmet Laws Up Ridership?

man bike to work 400x400 Will Easing Bike Helmet Laws Up Ridership?Cyclists who don’t protect their heads risk traumatic injuries that might otherwise be avoided with proper helmet use. Yet helmets also put people off riding their bike.




During a trip to Amsterdam last year, I was pleasantly surprised to see more bicycles on the road than cars. Most riders were dressed in suits and ties or skirts and stockings, their dress shoes pushing the pedals as they moved sedately along wide, clearly marked paths that paralleled the motorized traffic lanes. And, I noted, not a bike helmet in sight. Read the rest of the article here>>